Simplify HR Paperwork & Processes

Simplify HR Paperwork & Processes

Simplify HR Paperwork and Processes with Products and Support from MyHRConcierge

Keeping up with changing HR laws, tasks, and paperwork can drain time, dollars, and resources plus stall business growth.

How Keeping Up with Labor Laws Can Squeeze Your Business

The Drain of HR Paperwork

  • The average price tag to administer HR internally for companies with less than 250 employees is $1,469 per employee, per year.
  • On average, a business owner spends 7-25% of their time handling employee-related paperwork.
  • There are more than 40,000 pages of federal, state, and local employment regulations.
  • If you have one employee, you are obligated to comply with 16 federal regulations, not including state regulations.

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