Not All Screens are Created Equal

Perform better background checks. With a sleek, easy-to-use interface, applicants can fill out forms, upload documents, and receive status updates on their mobile devices as well as a computer. We help companies speed up the hiring process.

MyHRScreens provides a streamlined online employment screening solution that provides easy and efficient ordering backed by best in class customer support. With your online screening platform you can order screenings 4/7 and have access to your historical screenings at your fingertips.

We also provide you the flexibility to invite your new hires to fill out their background check information and provide authorization directly in the system. This alleviates the burden of you having to enter their information.

  • Criminal Background Checks

  • Drug & Health Screening

  • Motor Vehicle Records

  • Sanctions, Risk & Compliance

  • Social Security Number Trace

  • Verifications

  • Workforce Monitoring
  • Custom Screening Solutions

Pre-employment Screening

We provide a pre-employment screening program that is as comprehensive as it is compliant. We help actively manage risk with thorough searches that deliver accurate information used to protect your company.

Active Employee Screening

As added assurance, background checks can be scheduled on a repeat basis, to ensure that no surprises come up. Hold employees and your company accountable to mitigate risk associated with illegal behavior.

Verified and Secured
for Compliance

Rest easy knowing that your screening and information is secure and archived. Records are available for you and can be accessed if the need arises.

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The HR and business professionals at MyHRConcierge are here to respond to your questions and concerns, and keep small to medium-sized businesses compliant with federal and state labor laws. Delivering personal service to our Partners and Clients is the heart and soul of our business.