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HR E-Learn™

Online HR Compliance Training Courses

HR E-Learn™ is an easy way to offer training courses to the supervisors and employees of your business. We offer unlimited access to over 160 state-specific courses, including Sexual Harassment Prevention, Cybersecurity, OSHA Compliance, HIPAA, and much more.

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Stay Compliant With State Mandated Training Requirements

 Small to medium business owners are adept at training their managers and employees about the processes involved with their profession, trade, or industry. However, many SMB owners report feeling challenged to keep up with training that ensures that supervisors and workers are acting in accordance with the law and the best interests of the company.

The HR E-Learn™ Interactive Learning Management System (LMS) offers courses that provide a wide breadth of training topics for your company and an easy and efficient way to distribute them.

Did You Know? 

  • In its fiscal year 2018 data, the EEOC reported more than a 50 percent increase in suits challenging sexual harassment over the FY 2017.
  • The EEOC recovered nearly $70 million for the victims of sexual harassment through administrative enforcement and litigation in FY 2018.

Benefits of Training with HR E-Learn™

  • Gain access to more than 160 online courses for supervisors and employees
  • Properly trained supervisors and employees reduce the risk of compliance hazards and high-dollar lawsuits. An added benefit is that training increases employee engagement, morale, and satisfaction.

 About the Courses Offered

Training includes professionally-produced videos with interactive quizzes that are distributed electronically for an efficient, educational experience. We offer over 160 courses, including Sexual Harassment Prevention courses that are specific to CA, CT, ME, and NY requirements. Download the entire HR E-Learn™ catalog.

Examples of HR E-Learn™ Supervisor Courses

  • Family and Medical Leave Act: An Overview and Basic Guidelines
  • California Harassment Prevention Supervisors Training (AB 1825 & AB 2053)
    • (Specific Harassment Prevention training for CT, ME, and NY also available)
  • Conflicts in the Workplace
  • Diversity: Fostering a Dynamic, Supportive, and Energetic Workplace
  • Terminating Employees: A Supervisor’s Guide to the Process
  • Interviewing: The Art and Science of Conducting Effective, Legal, and Compliant Interviews
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace: A Manager’s Guide
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers

Examples of HR E-Learn™ Employee Courses

  • Active Shooter Response for Employees
  • Customer Service: What Employees Need to Know
  • A Bully-Free Workplace: What Employees Need to Know
  • Cybersecurity for Employees: Physical and Electronic Information Security
  • Distracted Driving Prevention for Employees
  • Business Ethics for Employees: Honesty, Fairness, and Respect
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention for CA Employees (also available for CT, ME and
  • NY)
  • Substance Abuse Prevention in the Workplace: A Guide for Employees

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HR E-Learn™ provides unlimited access to the 160+ courses for an annual subscription rate of $750 per year.