Case Studies
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Case Studies

MyHRConcierge Services Solve HR Problems for SMBs



Below are three unique MyHRConcierge clients who, as small-to-mid-size businesses, face increasing state and federal compliance regulations as well as other HR challenges.

Learn how MyHRConcierge approached these challenges, offered these clients superior HR solutions, and allowed them to focus on growing their business.

Regional Grocery Chain Solves HR Problems

Vowell’s Marketplace, a regional supermarket chain, improved its operations. In just a few months, they have simplified compliance with the Affordable Care Act, the Family Medical Leave Act as well as other federal and state regulations.

Other results include:

  • More accurate employee records
  • Expert HR Consultation
  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • Better preparation for unemployment claims

Staffing Firm Meets Unique ACA & HR Challenges

Verity Recruiting, a temporary staffing firm specializing in IT, faced unique HR challenges spurred by rapid growth and the rollout of the Affordable Care Act. There was no roadmap to define the rules and impacts of ACA on their business model.

Verity met the challenge head on with a cost-effective yet flexible way to free its executives from their worries about big ACA fines and other financial risks related to HR compliance. Now they focus on what they do best – recruiting, evaluating and hiring premium IT talent for their clients.

Independent Grocer Simplifies ACA Compliance

Leprekon Harvest Foods, a family-owned and operated grocer, needed more than a “do-it-yourself” solution to meet its Affordable Care Act obligations. They wisely selected an approach that simplified ACA compliance and met 3 important objectives:

  1. Achieve peace of mind that we are complying with ever-changing ACA regulations
  2. Maintain focus on our customers and business vs ACA reporting and administration
  3. Obtain an Affordable Solution

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